Absorbing Chillers

Saran absorbing chillers, warm water single effect type, from 30 to 650 tons of capacity are made under the technology of century Korean Company. In Saran absorbing chillers, the circulation pump of solution and cooler are from the closed and water resist pumps, which are specialized to the absorbing systems. Moreover, for gathering the non-distillable gases, these absorbing chillers possess vacuum pumps as well. Among other specifications of the absorbing chillers, command and completely automatic control circuits can be pointed out. Saran absorbing chillers have micro-processed systems made in century, Korea. Besides, to prevent the crystallization of the solution, Saran absorbing chiller possesses an automatic anti-crystal system. The valves and gages used in Saran absorbing chillers are provided from the most valid foreign brands, which are diaphragm-type.

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