Air Cooled Condenser


Air condenser is produced by Saran Company for using in areas in which the climate is somehow limited, or there is no possibility for using water systems and cooling tower. Saran air condensers are made in different models and with heat exertion capacity of btu/h24000 to btu/h2565000, suitable for working with all types of coolers such as R22, R407c, R134a; the capacity of Air Cooled Condensers depends on the temperature difference of the cooling gas, dry temperature of the environment, type of the cooler, material and condensation rate of the fins. All the air condensers possess aluminum propeller fan, which are balance statically and dynamically and also equipped with metal shield. The fans’ electromotors, suitable for work in high temperature, with protection rate of IP55 and heat class of F, are provided from valid East European brands. The coils of the air condensers are made of simple copper tubes or from inner grooved with plate copper or aluminum fin, and the condensation rate of 8 to 14 per inch. The materials of fins are selected based on the order type, environmental conditions, installing location of the condensers and their capacities. Also, using anti-corrosive shields for coils are possible based on the order type.

Air condensers are equipped with receiver, safety valve, service valve and charging valve. The body and other components of the air condensers are made of galvanized Sheet with high quality and suitable thickness, which are attached by bolts and nuts and trustat bar (for preventing the current of air). The air condensers are painted according to the environmental conditions of the installing location.