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Air Handling Unit equipments, is one of the highest consumption devices. Saran air device is subject to order, with air capacity of 1000 to 60000 CFM per minute, in one-region or two-region kinds, and in horizontal, vertical and semi-vertical forms, either front-flowing, air tuck or down-flowing. This device can be used for either cooling or heating; for cooling, chiller or condensing and for heating, warm water, steam or electric element can be used. The fans used in air are from Forward type made by Saran Company, or Backward type made by valid Western Europe companies like Nikotra, Kamfri and Rosenberg. There are two types of coil used in Saran air; steam coil which is made from steal seamless tube with spiral fin and with 10-8 fin/in density, and water and direct expansion coils (DX) which are made from copper tubes with plate fins and with 14-8 fin/in density. In Saran air, fins could be either copper of aluminum.
All the air devices have distillation pan, which is suitable for moist areas. According to the customer’s demand, air could be equipped with galvanized, stainless steel or plastic gear drop shades. All the air units possess filter chambers, and generally have mixer box. Therefore, Saran air unit has two adjustable valves and has the capability for a motor damper to be installed for coming and going of air. The valves are made of aluminum with airfoil blades, and are Opposed Blade type. If necessary, all types of special filters in different efficiencies of Saran air unit.
In air unit, there is the possibility to install moisturizing device in steam, electric, nozzle, needle and microprocessor types. If high amount of moisturizing in Saran air units is needed, or in case of using cooling evaporation system, one or two bank air washers in three classes, 4, 6 and 8, along with electro pumps installable inside or outside the air washer case, are produced.
The air washers used in these air units are made of galvanized sheet and are connected to each other with bolts and nuts and PVC tubes, for long lastingness.
The frame of air units are made of aluminum profile with polymer corners, and their bodies are made of galvanized sheet; all the connections are made by bolts and nuts, and sealing and airtighting are done by trustat dough. In case of any limitation in transporting, air units can be provided in disassembled multi-parts or in complete disassemble, able to be re-assembled.

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