Condensing Chillers

Saran condensing chillers in all types of water and air condensers (integrated and separate), with cooling capacities of 3 to 500 tons and in four types are produced according to the performance of all types of coolers such as R22, R407c and R134a (according to the customer’s demand).

Kinds of Saran condensing chillers include;

single compressor 3 to 60 tons
double compressor 10 to 120 tons
triple compressor 60 to 1802 tons – double circuit and triple circuit
quarto compressor 60 to 240 tons – double circuit and triple circuit
In producing condensing chillers, Saran Manufacturers Group uses all types of compressors including closed piston (Hermetic), semi-closed (Hermetic Semi) or Spiral (Scroll), which are produced by the most valid compressor manufacturers in the world such as Copeland, Germany. All the controlling equipments, valves and electrical tools used in the condensing chillers are provided from the most valid foreign manufactures such as Telemachanique, Castel, Johnson Control, Alco and Saginomia.

Water operators and condensers used in the screw condensing chillers are one of the crust, tube or sheet type, the crust and tube converter production of which takes place in the Saran Group. But the sheet converters used in screw condensing chillers are provided from valid foreign manufacturers. One of the most important specifications of the screw condensing chillers is the possibility of utilizing specific controlling systems such as PLC and the remote data controlling of the device. In case of necessity of using screw condensing chillers in the industrial environment, Saran Company, experiencing the participation in several industrial projects and having a successful record in this regard, is capable of producing Screw condensing chillers in accordance with the customers’ operational demands.

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