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Condensing unit of Saran Corporation, considering its type of condenser, are of two types; water unit and air unit, the air unit of which is generally more applicable in air conditioning industry. Galvanized sheet is used to build the structure and body of the condensing unit, which in the end is coated, considering environmental conditions of the installing location. In manufacturing condensing unit, Saran Company uses all types of compressors, including closed piston cylinder (Hermetic), semi-closed piston cylinder (Semi Hermetic), spiral (Scroll) or screw, which are produced by the most valid manufacturers of condensing compressors in the world, such as Copeland & Bitzer, Germany. Saran condensing units are suitable for working with all types of coolers such as R-22, R-407C and R134a, and are produced in capacities of 3 to 320 tons of cooling.

Controlling equipments, valves and electric tools used in condensing unit devices are provided from the most valid foreign brands. One of the important properties of the condensing unit is the possibility of using it in industrial conditions and utilizing the modern controlling systems. In order to build the coil of air condenser in the condensing unit, copper tubes along with aluminum or copper plate fin and with the compression of 8 to 14 fins per unit are used. In specific conditions, anti-corrosion coating can be used on the surface of coil in condensing unit. In order to create the necessary air circulation on the surface of coil of the condensing unit, Saran fan collection, along with the valid European electro motors in form of direct couple or electro fans made by valid European companies, are used.

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