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Saran fan coils in models 200 to 1200 cubic feet per minute are made in the following types:

ground fan coil in three models; up fanning, front fanning and steeped
short fan coil (LoBoy) in two models; ground and up fanning
ceiling fan coil in three models; with cabinet, without cabinet and half body (without aluminum filter)
The coils of all Saran fan coils, except from the half body ceiling fan coil without cabinet are made from 3-row copper tubes with aluminum 14-blade fin per inch. Saran fan coils, equipped with washable aluminum filter. Fans in Saran fan coils are from centrifuge type, made of ABS with direct couple electric motor (Direct drive), 220 volt mono-phase, equipped with a 3-speed key.

Saran fan coils are provided from the valid European brands such as Sisme. The body of Saran fan coils is made from the best lubricant and galvanized sheets, with stove coating (electrostatic). Among the other Saran fan coils, is the decorative (luxurious) one, which having the airing rate of 200 to 800 cubic feet per minute and in two ground and up fanning types, is the new product of this Company.

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