Fiber Glass Cooling Tower


Saran fiberglass cooling towers are made in 40 to 500 tons models. The bodies of these fiberglass cooling towers are made of high quality fiberglass with suitable thickness, and the packings are made of PVC. The fan of fiberglass cooling tower is propeller type, and power transmission from electromotor to fan is done by pulley, valve or gearbox. The electro motors used in fiberglass cooling towers are provided from valid European brands with IP55 security rate.

The weight of Saran fiberglass cooling towers is about 20% of the metal towers, which makes them ideal for installing on the roof of small and large buildings. These towers are produced with two different types of usage; industrial and air conditioning. Considering the educational level and production capacity of Saran Company, it is capable of producing fiberglass cooling towers in capacities of less than 40 tons and more than 500 tons. There are extra components such as inverter or noise-caught, which can be installed on the fiberglass cooling towers.

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+98 51-37251912-3