Galvanaized Cooling Tower


Saran galvanized cooling tower is produced with two types of usage; industrial and air condition, in 10 to 1140 tons of capacity and in two one-storey and two-storey types. The fans used in this galvanized cooling tower is from centrifuge type and is installed the way non of its parts, including fan, motor, shaft and bearings, are not in the direction of damp weather and as a result will never get rusted or damaged. All parts of the galvanized cooling tower, including fan, body, pan, cooling shades and gear drops, are made of galvanized sheet, and cooling packings are made high quality PVC with suitable thickness.
All the bodies and parts of galvanized cooling towers are connected by bolts and nuts. To seal and airtight all parts of the galvanized cooling tower, trustat dough is used.

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 Door 110, 1st floor, No. 1305, Between Gharani 35 and 33, Abutaleb Square, Gharani Blvd. Mashad, Iran

+98 51-37251912-3

+98 51-37251912-3