Unit Heater

Unit heater is one of the best and cheapest devices tosupply the necessary heating in places such as gyms, production halls of factories and also to dry the materials. The types of Saran unit heaters are as follows:

  • Warm water unit heater
  • Steam unit heater
  • Electric unit heater

To produce coils of warm water, copper tubes of 5/8 inch diameter, and to produce steam coils, seamless tubes of ½ inch, along with aluminum or copper fin (according to the customer order) are used. Unit heaters of btu/h12000 to btu/h225000 capacity, with warm water and those of btu/h120900 to btu/h372000 capacity with steam are produced. The capacity is changeable, depending on the temperature of inlet warm water, pressure of inlet steam to the coil and also the temperature of inlet air to the unit heater. The technique used in unit heater is pivotal, which has the less possible noise and is used in 900 and 1400 RPM types. These fans are used in two types; mono-phase and triple-phase. The fan used in these unit heaters are centrifuge forward type. The customer can choose a unit heater, considering the noise rate and the distance of air throwing. The frame of Saran unit heaters is made of aluminum profile and is adjustable for changing the angle of air throwing. Industrial unit heaters have the potential to be installed standing on the ground or hanging from the ceiling.

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+98 51-37251912-3