Heat Exchangers are devices built for efficient heat transfer from one fluid to another and are widely used in different industrial processes and projects.

Super Active Mfg Co. is one of the best choices for thermal and mechanical design and is the manufacturer of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers from small tube bundles to complete shell and tube packages, whether they are made of small pipes or large plate shells and whether the materials of construction are ferrous or non-ferrous.

Our Heat Exchangers can be designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with common international standards such as ASTM CODE and TEMA with suitable updated software such as Aspen, Bjac, HTRI, HTFS, etc.

Our qualified engineers are always on stand by to assist you to provide the best heat transfer solution for your application.

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 Door 110, 1st floor, No. 1305, Between Gharani 35 and 33, Abutaleb Square, Gharani Blvd. Mashad, Iran

+98 51-37251912-3

+98 51-37251912-3